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Salubris Pharmaceuticals Invests $5 Million in GO Therapeutics

Strategic investment to help accelerate antibody development programs against novel solid tumor targets

Cambridge, MA, September 25, 2017 –GO Therapeutics today announced that Salubris Pharmaceutical Limited has made a $5M investment in GO Therapeutics, a Cambridge, MA-based company exploiting new advances in glycoproteomics to develop novel, multimodal first-in-class cancer therapeutics against intractable targets.

The generation of solid tumor targeting domains that are specific to cancer cells remains a significant challenge in the drug development industry. GO Therapeutics’ targeting platforms and technologies open a novel class of tumor-specific antigens that promise to realize the full potential of antibody-drug conjugates, bi-specific T-cell engagers, and immune-based cell therapies.

“This investment from Salubris will accelerate the development of our pre-clinical antibody programs, and help support the discovery of new antibodies against prioritized targets of interest. Additionally, Salubris offers future downstream market access to China, which is expected to become a significant consumer of innovative cancer therapies,” said Constantine Theodoropulos, Chief Executive Officer, GO Therapeutics.

“Novel, cancer-specific targets are imperative to widening the therapeutic window for powerful, cutting-edge cancer therapeutic modalities such as T-cell engagement and ADCs that offer tremendous promise for patients around the world. GO Therapeutics has the opportunity to generate significant value by opening an exciting new class of cancer-specific targets that will underpin transformative cancer therapies,” said Sam Murphy, VP and Head of International Business Development for Salubris, who will join GO Therapeutics’ board.

Salubris’ strategic investment extends the company’s expansion to the U.S. and evolution towards leading-edge innovations in oncology and cardiovascular disease. Earlier this year Salubris announced the opening of the SalubrisBio research facility outside of Washington D.C. where the focus is building the company’s internal portfolio of NME biologic product candidates (

About GO Therapeutics

GO Therapeutics is applying the latest advances in glycobiology to create cancer drugs that are more potent and less toxic. GO Therapeutics’ cancer specific antibodies against tumor-specific antigens can be used in a multimodal approach to killing cancer, such as antibody-drug-conjugates, bispecific T-cell engagers and immune-based cell therapies. The company’s scientific team includes some of the leading scientific researchers and applied biologists in glycoproteomics. GO Therapeutics is based in Cambridge, MA.

About Salubris Pharmaceutical Limited

Salubris Pharmaceutical Limited is a holding company of Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., a publicly-traded, fully-integrated pharmaceutical company [002294:CH]. Founded in 1998, Salubris has grown to achieve sales of >$750M USD in 2016. Salubris is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has over 3,800 employees working across R&D, regulatory, marketing and sales. Its marketed products include drugs and devices in the cardiovascular, anti-allergy and anti-infective therapeutic areas.