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Henrik Clausen, D.D.S, D.Sc.

Scientific Co-Founder

Henrik Clausen D.D.S., D.Sc., is co-director of the Center for Glycobiology at the University of Copenhagen and a leading figure in the world of glycobiology and carbohydrate chemistry.

Since 2007 he has been head of a Center of Excellence in Glycomics funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. Research at the Center is primarily focused on protein O-glycosylation, with isolation, cloning, and expression of many human glycosyltransferases involved in the biosynthesis of O-glycans. Dr. Clausen’s work covers considerable ground in efforts to provide a basic understanding of genetic regulation and biosynthetic mechanisms of protein glycosylation, immunity to glycans and glycoproteins, consequences of glycosylation deficiencies in diseases, all with an eye on biomedical applications. His work has led to more than 285 published papers, 35 reviews and book chapters, and 51 issued patents.