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Opening the therapeutic window for antibody-based cancer therapies

GO is advancing the promise of antibody-based therapeutics to solid tumors – a huge disease family that has proven largely resistant to the many emerging cell-based and immuno-oncology modalities.

We generate high affinity antibodies with exquisite specificity to O-glycoproteins found only on the surface of cancer cells and not healthy tissue. GO’s antibody-based therapies deliver a higher therapeutic window due to their exquisite cancer-specificity, high affinity and fewer off-target effects causing less damage to healthy tissue, and enabling oncologists to increase the efficacy on solid tumors.

Exquisite cancer specificity to treat more patients

We believe that generating antibodies that selectively target O-glycoproteins will deliver more treatments for patients with many different types of cancer.

Leadership Team

Constantine Theodoropulos
portrait of Aaron Groen
portrait of Kostadin Petrov